Sony 24" 4K HDR Trimaster High-Grade Picture Monitor
Sony 24" 4K HDR Trimaster High-Grade Picture Monitor
Sony 24" 4K HDR Trimaster High-Grade...

Sony 24" 4K HDR Trimaster High-Grade Picture Monitor



  • Sony specified 24-inch 4K Premium LCD panel for realizing faithful color-matching with BVM-HX310

  • TRIMASTER realized accurate color reproduction, precise imaging and quality picture consistency

  • 4K video input versatility for both brand-new and traditional devices

  • Black Detail High/Mid/Low

Sony 24" 4K HDR Trimaster High-Grade Picture Monitor.

Color-matched 4K HDR picture monitors color with the BVM-HX310 4K master monitor, ideal for various 4K productions

The PVM-X2400 24-inch, 4K HDR high-grade picture monitor incorporates the Sony specified premium LCD panel, and offers 1,000-cd/m2 luminance and color matching with the BVM-HX310 4K HDR master monitor, making group monitoring easy on set, in the studio, and as part of an OB van's wall or 19" EIA racks for editing, audio mixing, etc.

TRIMESTER realized accurate color reproduction, precise imaging, and quality picture consistency

TRIMESTER is a design architecture for accurate picture reproduction, precise imaging, and quality picture consistency.

There are many advantages to the panel control and signal-processing system, such as fast processing, accurate linearizing of input signals with the Optical Electrical Transfer Function, accurate color reproduction, etc.

Dynamic Contrast Drive and Black Detail High/Mid/Low

Dynamic Contrast Drive is a new backlight-driving system that dynamically changes backlight luminance to adapt to the scene of a frame. You can conveniently check the overall balance of highlights and lowlights at a glance. This monitor can perform dynamically at a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio using this drive.

From 12G-SDI and Quad-Link 3G-SDI to HD-SDI, as well as HDMI

The PVM-X2400 can accept 12G-SDI from the latest device, and it can input Quad-Link 3G-SDI and a single HD-SDI for a traditional device. This input utility uses HDMI and supports from 640 x 480/60P PC signal to 4096 x 2160/60P 4:2:2 YCBCR 12bit.

Various scopes

Both the waveform monitor and the vectorscope can be displayed simultaneously, with scales for both HDR and SDR. You can conveniently check both input signal level and output luminance with the WFM's HDR scales. The waveform has three different displays: luminance, RGB/YCBCR parade, and RGB/YCBCR overlay with gamut error display. The waveform of a specified line can also be displayed.

Unique Quad View display with User 3D LUT

The PVM-X2400 provides a Quad View display with individual settings for EOTF (SDR/HDR), color space, transfer matrix, color temperature, contrast, brightness, SDI/HDMI, and RGB/YCBCR, as well as User 3D LUTs for each display view.

New user interface and Channel Select button

The OSD is largely changed, and operating this monitor is quicker and more intuitive. The design of the menu allows you to review and change settings very quickly. The Channel Select button protects an operator from inadvertent setting errors.

Handy features for field operation

DC-24-V operation allows you to operate in the field, regardless of the large 24" screen and the very high 1,000-cd/m2 luminance. The optional protection panel* protects the premium LCD screen from inadvertent shocks. User 3D LUTs and yoke mount are also supported. Dynamic Contrast Drive is very useful for night-scene shooting.

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